Osu Concession Agreement

The Ohio State University (OSU) is known for its exceptional sports programs and highly successful teams, particularly in football and basketball. However, the success of these programs relies heavily on the financial support provided by its fans and sponsors. One significant way in which the university generates funding is through its concession agreements.

A concession agreement is a contractual arrangement between a vendor and a venue where the vendor provides goods or services to consumers attending events at that venue. In the case of OSU, this typically refers to food and beverage services provided at home football games, basketball games, and other sporting events. The agreement outlines the terms of the vendor`s operation, including the types of products sold, the prices charged, the hours of operation, and the percentage of revenue shared with the university.

OSU has several concession agreements in place with vendors, including Aramark and Levy Restaurants. These agreements are highly beneficial for the university, as they provide a reliable and consistent source of income. The vendors, in turn, benefit from the exposure and business generated by the large crowds of fans attending these events.

The concession agreements negotiated by OSU are also an essential factor in the overall fan experience. Vendors are carefully selected based on their ability to provide high-quality food and beverage options at reasonable prices. The agreements also ensure that vendors follow strict health and safety guidelines, such as maintaining proper food handling and sanitation practices.

In recent years, there have been some concerns about the fairness of the concession agreements negotiated by OSU. Some critics have argued that the university should receive a higher percentage of revenue from the vendors, particularly given the substantial profits generated by these operations. However, it is important to note that concession agreements are standard business practices in the sports industry, and that the terms negotiated by OSU are in line with those found at other major universities across the country.

Overall, the concession agreements negotiated by OSU are a critical component of the university`s financial success. By providing reliable revenue streams and ensuring a positive fan experience, these agreements help support the university`s sports programs and overall mission. As OSU continues to grow and evolve, it is likely that these agreements will play an increasingly important role in the university`s ongoing success.